Transportation / March 30, 20195

Transportation, Version 2.0

Just what is it about your first car? Mine was a real ****box, carved from harsh northern winters. But it didn’t matter—it was truly mine, paid for with the $225 I scraped together. It was a long-past-its-prime ’70 Mercury Montego. It had a growling eight cylinder that could spin bald tires (when I could keep […]

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Transportation / January 17, 20175

Self-driving Cars will Drastically Impact the Lives of the Elderly

Every parent will tell you: it’s all about the schedule. Kids’ school, sports, clubs, doctor appointments and more. And they juggle these all around jobs, shopping, taking care of the house, feeding the kids…the places you have to be never end. It’s a complex dance that doesn’t ease until parents finally earn a sigh of […]

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