Cannabis / May 16, 20215

Last Hurdle to Full Marijuana Legalization in U.S. Falling?

An interesting development has quietly occurred in the Federal Government’s stance on marijuana classification. On May 14, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) is expanding—for the first time—the Federal monopoly on growing cannabis for research purposes. For the past 50 years, researchers could only access legal marijuana from the University of Mississippi. It owns the only […]

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Cannabis Legalization

Transportation / March 30, 20195

Transportation, Version 2.0

Just what is it about your first car? Mine was a real ****box, carved from harsh northern winters. But it didn’t matter—it was truly mine, paid for with the $225 I scraped together. It was a long-past-its-prime ’70 Mercury Montego. It had a growling eight cylinder that could spin bald tires (when I could keep […]

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Robots / April 18, 20175

Easing Into a Robotic World

I was at a business conference recently and came across a telepresence robot in the wild. I hadn’t interacted with one personally outside of a tradeshow or presentation where they were trying to sell you one, so I saw it as a unique opportunity to interact with it and gauge my feelings toward this diminutive human […]

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Life Science / February 20, 20175

The Impact of Social Isolation will Grow

Humans are social creatures. Our drive to connect enabled our human ancestors to survive and progress to the advanced species we are today. In fact, it’s hard-wired into our DNA. So much so, that when it is denied, our bodies and mental cognition can degrade. In today’s hyper-connected world, it would seem counterintuitive that we […]

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Innovation / February 1, 20175

The Future of U.S. Innovation in Peril?

Technology and science innovation are virtually inescapable factors in first-world economies. Incredible advances in health, medicine, technology, genetics and energy have been coming at at a good clip. You’d think that no one could argue that they help form the backbone of a modern society. The U.S. has enjoyed a great run in this regard. […]

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Transportation / January 17, 20175

Self-driving Cars will Drastically Impact the Lives of the Elderly

Every parent will tell you: it’s all about the schedule. Kids’ school, sports, clubs, doctor appointments and more. And they juggle these all around jobs, shopping, taking care of the house, feeding the kids…the places you have to be never end. It’s a complex dance that doesn’t ease until parents finally earn a sigh of […]

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Uncategorized / September 25, 20165

A Crisis of Support Looms

The peak Baby Boomer year was 1957 in the U.S, when an astonishing 8.18 babies were born per minute. Over that year, 4.3 million babies were born. The boomer birth era ended in 1964, but it was still producing just over 4 million births per year. All told, as of 2015, there are 75.4 million […]

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senior lifestyle / August 22, 20165

Keeping Mom and Dad Home

The saying “home is where the heart is” is one of those accepted truisms for a reason. So it’s heart wrenching to watch the people who love you unconditionally age and begin to struggle with the everyday tasks of living at home.  And the thought of what to do when your elderly parents begin reaching […]

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