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Leveraging the power of real-world expertise

Our founders and knowledge partners come from long careers in different professional backgrounds. Yet, we all embrace the diverse perspectives each of us brings to the table to solve business challenges. This core philosophy forms the foundation of Enhancc.

Although founded in 2016, the company’s roots go back several years prior. We began as a group of professional associates who frequently found themselves tapping each other’s expertise. This continued for years on a wide variety of business projects.

These arrangements were beneficial to the success of each other’s projects. Over time, this led to sharing additional thoughts, insights and “what if” discussions that people tend to do over a few beers after work.

A few of us continued working more closely together and ventured into various business partnerships with each other. After more discussions, we created the new, shared venture Enhancc.

It was originally started to further explore, design and file patents for products that we had been passionately discussing at the time.

The experiences creating these product designs and roadmaps for them got us thinking. Why not pool our diverse professional talents, as well as leverage our wider network of industry experts, for other businesses?

Today, Enhancc is backed by a network of seasoned, knowledge professionals that can help design a turn-key roadmap for your next project.


Sharpen the path to client success.


Create innovative project plans that best utilize the power of today’s technology and people to help drive project success.


We believe that honesty and doing the right thing are the hallmarks of all good relationships.


George has been successfully managing portfolios as a Wall Street financial advisor and head equities trader for more than 25 years. He has always had a strong affinity for, and tremendous insight as a market-maker expert for technology stock. This includes the burgeoning market that followed the earliest days of Internet. This vision led him to be the first to bring the potential of trading in the then embryonic industry to the attention of his firm, as well as invest clients into the first Internet IPO offered on Wall Street.


Steve has created strategic, targeted messaging for more than 30 years in technology, healthcare and consumer product industries. This includes stints with a multi-billion dollar healthcare organization, worldwide Fortune 1,000 consumer products organization and rapidly growing national hospitality brand. He also founded a healthcare communications consultant company with clients within medical technology innovation and healthcare provider organizations.



These are a few of our own Enhancc projects that we’ve designed, developed and patented.

NearSense Logo
HealthPay Coin
IdentiRide Rideshare Guardian

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